About us

Welcome to our travel blog!

We are Vany and Chris. Together we share a longing for the world. We are always in search of new places that expand our horizons and enrich our view of the world. Our first trip together took us to Thailand and Myanmar in 2012. Since then, we have traveled many countries together, explored places, and met people. Our style of traveling has changed over time, but not our intention.

Often we traveled only with backpacks, having booked the first hotel, the rest was improvised. We covered many kilometers in Iranian night buses, marched with our backpacks along the Northern Irish coast, slept in our tent in frosty temperatures in the middle of nowhere in Moldova, and surfed on a Kuwaiti couch. Because we wanted more of these unique experiences, we planned a world trip for 2020. We aimed to hitchhike our way eastward to Thailand. Apartment and job were terminated, the car sold, the backpacks packed, and the anticipation high. Start date was April 1, the day the world closed all borders to contain the spread of the Corona virus. Read more about our failed world trip here.

During the pandemic, we discovered a new form of traveling. For some time, we had been fascinated by the freedom and flexibility of overlanding. So, we fulfilled another dream and bought an off-road vehicle with a roof tent from our world trip money. And we love it! Especially wild camping and driving on rough tracks. That’s why last year we traded our faithful Honda CR-V for a Toyota Hilux, for even greater off-road experiences. Find out more about our car here.

Since 2022, we have been traveling as a trio with our new-born son. Since then, more thorough planning has been necessary. But traveling with the little one also opens up entirely new encounters for us. People approach us differently, interact with the child. At the same time, we observe how our little globetrotter discovers everything around him and is fascinated by things that we long ago took for granted.

A few facts about us:


Marketingexpert and history nerd. Slightly chaotic and spontaneous. Loves creative tasks. A country girl and city dweller, enjoys the tranquility of nature and the bustling energy of the city

  • Favorite activity while traveling: Feeding camels and washing elephants – anything involving animals or or meticulously reading museum plaques (if you ask Chris)
  • Favorite food: anything with chocolate and dishes with plenty of vegetables and exotic spices.
  • Most memorable travel moment: The silence in the Dasht-e Lut desert, Iran
  • Worst travel experience: Cockroaches crawling out of the mattress at night
  • Dream destination: Overland journey to China. Ideally via the Trans-Siberian Railway – but currently better not.


Renewable energy specialist and photographer through and through. Loves the 60s and 70s. Always thoroughly organized and has a weakness for Excel lists. Grew up in Thailand and never thought he would have to live in northern Hesse …

  • Favorite activity while traveling: Spending hours searching for photo spots and once found, spending hours waiting for the perfect light
  • Favorite food: Thai “Mama” soups (but seriously: I love all kind of Thai food)
  • Most memorable travel moment: Running down the slope of Pico do Fogo, Cape Verde
  • Worst travel experience: When the long-awaited trip gets canceled due to a snowstorm
  • Dream destination: Driving to Senegal – and maybe a bit further 😉
Selfie of Vany and Chris in Turkey