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"The road goes ever on and on

down from the door where it began."

The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien

The finger moves across the map, the globe turns with a gentle push, continents and seas blur. We have been plagued by wanderlust for as long as we can remember We love traveling, diving into foreign countries, colorful impressions and constant learning.

In 2020, we had quit our apartment and job. We wanted to get out, travel for a year or more. Via Russia to China and on to Thailand and Australia. The worldwide Corona pandemic thwarted our plans. A time of licking wounds and reorientation began.

We have now postponed our time off and travel plans due to our jobs. Until then, we will continue to explore the world in 2- to 3-week trips. From now on with our son born at the end of 2022 and Mr. Lux – a Toyota Hilux from 2011, which we will gradually make ready for overlanding.

Stories of a World does not show dream beaches and luxury hotels. There are no secret tips for the best café or the most beautiful road trip. Even selfies in front of crowded sights have no place here. Stories of a World shows you the world and its people.

Enjoy our blog and stories.

Vany and Chris

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